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Neighborhood Revitalization

Throughout the city of Birmingham and throughout District 1 there are an abundance of vacant houses. Vacant homes present safety hazards and can take away from the value and aesthetics of the community. I believe that restoring vacant and dilapidated properties to livable standards have a positive impact on the neighborhoods and communities. I have purchased and renovated several vacant homes in District 1 and will continue to seek out opportunities to better his community, as well as the other communities in the district.

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Advisory Board

I serve on the advisory board for Mission Increase. This organization provides free fundraising and organizational training to non-profit organizations throughout central Alabama. Many Non-Profit organizations have the passion and commitment required to effectively impact lives, but often benefit greatly from learning organizational structure and fundraising strategies. The free services that Mission Increase provides has proven to be effective in cities across the country, and he believes that it will become an invaluable asset to the non-profit organizations in Birmingham.  


Unfortunately we live in a world that expresses a great deal of negativity, and sadly it often times is targeted at our children. Too many youth in our community are told what they can't become. I believe that it is important to seek out every opportunity to encourage the youth and ensure that they have positive examples.  I spend a lot of time speaking to and working with young people, whether visiting schools, coaching youth sports, or working with young people in my church. I place a high priority on the next generation.


Hosting youth community day


Youth Indoor Trunk or Treat Halloween Event 


Providing Meals for homeless in Linn Park 


"Love Out Loud" Weekend

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