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I currently serve as the District One Representative on the Birmingham City Council. Since being sworn in I have worked tirelessly to serve the residents of District 1 effectively. I currently serve as the chairman of the Governmental Affairs and Public Information Committee and sit on the Education, Planning & Zoning, and Transportation committees. One of my first actions was passing ordinances requiring the City Council to hold quarterly meetings at 5:30 p.m. I have had many opportunities to work on various political campaigns. These experiences have taught me to listen to what people want. You can't assume you know what people want, you have to seek them out and listen to their concerns. I am fortunate to represent a very responsive group of people who are able to communicate their priorities effectively.

Prior to serving on the Birmingham City Council, I served as campaign manager for newly elected Sheriff Mark Pettway. It was a challenging campaign, because we had an extremely low margin of error. We did not have a lot of resources and could not afford to make mistakes. We had to work to be efficient as we introduced a new candidate to the county and simultaneously introduced his progressive platform. I was extremely pleased when we won the campaign, but I'm most excited to see the changes that were made possible as a result of winning the campaign."

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