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Woods District 1 Points of Focus

Roads and Sidewalks

Residents in District 1 deserve to see a real commitment to road paving and sidewalk installation. Residents deserve to have smooth and properly maintained roads to drive on and sidewalks to safely travel on foot. Sadly many of our residents are placed in dangerous situations due to our lack of adequate sidewalks; every morning children travel to school on roads without sidewalks and come dangerously close to automobile traffic. "As City Councilor, I will prioritize the infrastructure in our communities."

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There is a high demand for businesses in District 1; residents remember the days when they did not have to leave their communities to eat at restaurants, go to the grocery store, stop at a  movie theater, or visit shops. Sadly, today the district has a hole that can only be filled by attracting quality businesses to the area. "As the District 1 representative, I will focus on implementing creative strategies to attract businesses back to the district."



"Our children must be a top priority. As Councilor, I have begun implementing programs into the schools to address many of the issues that our children struggle with." Issues such as reading, bullying, and effective after school activities. "I have already partnered with non-profit organizations to go into the schools, libraries, and rec centers to directly address these problems."


Public Safety and Code Enforcement

We are witnessing some disturbing trends in the district and residents want to know that the City of Birmingham values their safety. We need to increase police visibility, ensure communities are well lit,  and address excessive speeding throughout our neighborhoods. "All residents deserve to feel safe in their homes, we must effectively respond to the needs of out residents" 

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